For friends, co-workers, or family...

This course has been crafted with the 9 to 5 workday in mind.


It is for having better calm, clarity, and joy upon waking. It is for a sense of peace and gratitude at the end of the day. It is for a healthy mix of pep and ease as you move through your working hours.

Whether our jobs are in an office with co-workers, or at home with the kids, we all strive to do our best and to handle the day with grace and a sense of accomplishment.



This course is for those interested in learning mindfulness techniques, meditation, and wellness strategies. The goal is to keep the right balance of ease and energy needed to get things done effectively and gracefully. Some self-reflection and an honest assessments of actions and habits can go a long way towards making each day better than the next. Pair that with an action plan to keep your energy up and your mind clear, and you’re set to take on whatever the day has coming your way.


What’ s included:

5 Wellness sessions for 2 to 10 people covering:

  • meditation

  • healthy eating

  • yoga

  • breathing for stress relief

  • wellness and self-care techniques

  • healthy lifestyle strategies


**also, all 1.25 hour massages will be $10 off for the duration of the wellness series!*


What is the cost:

$425 which may be split between participants. Or someone can pick up the tab for the group. ;-)

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