Joe Kurley

is an incredible man with an amazing story. His journey towards a healthier

lifesytle is something I'm so honored to continue to be a part of. Here's a message he wrote for me and anyone considering embarking on the path towards better health just as he did.  ~Angela

Angela Cooper,


A year ago this past December I was made aware by my primary provider that I was in a dangerous spiral due to diabetes and needing to start on a daily insulin routine. My quality of life at that point was very low. The effects of diabetes and the prescription drugs associated with diabetes treatment and for the decline of other internal organs --along with neuropathy left me with a bleak outlook towards the future.


I had also been a long time user of Fentanyl, a powerful opioid due to back pain.   I happened upon an Internet advertisement about a 28 day detox program to get my diabetes under control. In adapting the program to my life, one of the key elements was to seek out a yoga instructor and learn some basic yoga exercises. 

I was very fortunate to stop by "The Yoga and Massage Center" and with your help, set up the start of what was to become a change in life scenario. I was 207 pounds, had severe brain clouding issues, tendinitis, neuropathy, diabetes, severe back pain, and a bleak outlook for the future. Together with you, we worked with yoga, massage therapy, and wellness consoling. After three very intense months of yoga, massage therapy, and a complete overhaul of my diet, my primary health provider at the VA clinic told me -"whatever I was doing to keep doing it". My A1C had shown a significant improvement along with my blood sugar readings. My weight had dropped to approximately 180 pounds, my issues with brain cloud had greatly subsided, my hearing had shown a decrease in the ringing sensation associated with tinnitus, I also had increased sensitivity in the soles of my feet. My quality-of-life definitely improved. I had a marked difference in my energy and felt the need to start going off my medications, except for the Fentanyl. This step was taken with my VA providers concurance.



My back pain issues seem to be less so I again consulted with the VA and started a program to get off of the Fentanyl. Fentanyl , being a powerful opioid that I had become addicted to over a seven year period, was a challenge. It took me an additional three months of weaning off of the Fentanyl then onto oxycodone. Yoga exercises along with massage therapy were instrumental during this process. After 30 days more I was off of the oxycodone. My back pain was no longer an issue. 


It is been 16 months since the start of our work together and I feel like a new person. My weight is now down around 165 pounds, I have an energy level, brain functions, and bone/structural joint comfort equivalent to when I was 45 or  50 years old (I will be 70 in December).  Angela and  "The Yoga and Massage Center of Ridgecrest" have transformed me into a very active pain-free individual. My new lifestyle is one that I shall continue. Yoga, meditation, massage therapy, and conscientious incorporation of organic sugar-free diet is now a way of life. 


As I have said before, I now feel my metaphorical age to be 50. Thank you Angela! I truly believe I am still around today because of your instruction and encouragement."

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