How to get more out of your massage.

June 12, 2015



Let's be honest. Massages are not cheap! Nor should they be. This alone is motivation for learning how to get more bang for your buck.


One of the most common questions I get asked as a massage therapist is "You put a lot into your massages. Don't you get tired?" Well, yes! I most certainly do. But not for the reasons you may think.


How does my energy level tie into your session? The following explanation is going to show YOU how to can get much more out of your massage sessions.


When you are in close proximity to another person there is an exchange of energy.


The best example of this is how we feel when approached by an energy thief; a person who comes in and out of our physical space like a whirlwind, leaving all beings in her path a little more irritable.


Have you experienced this phenomenon? Now imagine making physical contact with that a small room...for an hour straight! See where I'm going with this?


The above example is why at times, offering massage therapy can be a huge energy drain. Now, I have to admit, it has been ages since I've had such a person on my table. Still this transference of energy occurs, and it is of benefit to both parties to respect and be aware of the space we're sharing and the energy within it.


You get more out of your massage by simply paying attention. Allowing yourself to be fully present in the session deepens the effects of your session.


Here are six tips to staying present in your massage and getting the most out of your sessions:




#1 - Set an intention for your session. Slow down and observe how you've been feeling lately. Prior to your massage set aside time to relax your breathing and ask yourself what you'd like to feel during your session and afterwards.


#2 - Expect miracles. Yes, you read that right! Come into your massage session surrendering yourself to the process. Keep in mind that it is not your therapist who is "fixing you" but the session as a whole. Yes, there is an incredible amount of power in the tools massage therapists use during a treatment, but without the right energy exchange little can be achieved. Expecting a lot can go a long way.


#3 - Communicate your desires clearly to your therapist. Your therapist won't know how to help you if you don't tell him or her what you're after. Maybe after a few sessions we could come to a conclusion on our own, but who has all that time - or money?! Clearly stating what you need will allow your therapist to match your intention for the session.


#4 - Learn some breathing techniques. When your therapist is working on you they will likely address some areas in your body that are tense, tender, and holding on to old baggage...some of which might be emotional. This may cause you body to tense or cause your mind to drift into thoughts that don't align with the intention for the session and take you out of the present. Learning to breathe properly will help you stay calm and relaxed while receiving your massage.


#5 - Observe the feeling afterwards. By taking a moment to notice the sense of relaxation and ease you feel after your session you are less likely to engage in actions that will erase that feeling. Notice deeply how good it feels to have less tension in your body and make choices that support that desire.


#6 - Don't wait so long to get on the table! The goal in engaging in any wellness practice is to feel better more often. Pay attention to how your body feels on a regular basis. When you feel like you're losing ground on staying in control of your stress and tension, get your massage then. Learning to anticipate your needs before things get out of hand is a valuable skill in all wellness practices.


The key in getting the most out of your massage is that you greatly believe in the value it has in helping you reach your wellness goals. Try these out in your next session and see it for yourself!
















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