8 Self-Care Tips to Bring You Balance and Vitality

July 16, 2015

When it comes to self care, you might find yourself just doing the bare minimum. If your desire is to feel more energtic and balanced,then there are certain things that you MUST do every day. No question!


In order to avoid getting to the end of your day or week feeling completetly wiped out and low on mojo, it is necessary to evalutate your well-being throughout the day.


The ability to evaluate your well-being and preempt exhaustion, crankiness, and even illness, is a practcie and skill set all it's own.


Want to know where to start?


Here are 8 simple and highly effective ways to keep yourself healthy and vibrant:




#1- Eat Like You Love Yourself. The incredible power that food has over our lives is becoming more evident through current research than ever before. It effects your mood, energy level, mental clarity, and appearence just to name a few. What you eat should be carefully considered. We're not just talking one green salad a day or a piece of fruit now and then. Every sinlge thing you ingest should be considred for the implications that it WILL have on your health. Period. Even when you "splurge" or have a "cheat meal/day" consider and watch how it effects you. The awareness of the relationship between what you eat and how you feel is key in building a diet that is optimal for you.


#2 -  Stay Hydrated. Proper hydration can be a balancing act. Sometimes water intake alone does not do the trick. Be careful to watch your intake of foods and drinks that can dehydrate you as quickly as you're trying to stay hydrated. Coffee and alcohol are biggies, as well as sodium. Being sure to have a good electrolyte balance (which can be achieved by eating plenty of fruits and veggies) is also an important part of staying well hydrated.


#3 - Prioritize Poo (Yeah, I said it.)It is of the utmost importance that you are making a bowel movement at LEAST once a day. When you eliminate take a look at your poo. An ideal stool is long, fluffy, and slightly green to indicate proper intake of veggies. Also, the odor should not induce a gag reflex. As expected, your bowel movements will be closely tied to your food and water intake. So, be mindful of both what you're putting in, and what you're putting out.


#4 - Mind Your Mood. Checking in periodically throughout the day to see how you're feeling is the first step in staying happy. You can get ahead of a potentially crappy day or week, if you first notice from what emotional set point you are engaging in your day. From here, you have the better opportunity to make choices that will enhance your experience rather than steal your joy. When you feel good, you make better choices all around....and the cycle continues.


#5 - Do a Body Scan. Similar to checking your mood, checking in with your body will let you know when someting is off kilter. You can then adjust your posture, take a break to stretch, walk, sit, or stand accordingly. The mind reflects itself in the body. You may notice after a while of doing this mindfulness practices, that your mood can have a great effect on how your body feels.


#6 - Stay Active. A good way to make sure you're getting regular excersise is to engage in hobbies that keep you moving. If you learn about a new movement practice and begin to enjoy it, it will have a better chance of becoming a daily practice. This will  also make the idea of movement seem more fun!


#7- Get Quality Sleep. If you want to have more energy ,you need to get proper sleep. If you want your brain to function more sharply and clearly, you need to get proper sleep. If you want to keep yourself out of the land of peaks and lulls known as mood swings....you need to get proper sleep! There are many techniques that will allow you to more easily drift off into dream land and stay there for a full 8. (Hint: #1 and #6 are a start!)


#8 - Learn Something New. Who says education should only happen within the peramiters of a formal learning institution? There are a TON of resources out there between libraries and the great wide web, that provide you with the opportunity to teach yourself a new craft, skill, or subject. In the interest of always moving yourself forward, it is important that you never stop learning. The term well rounded certainly applies here. When you have an applicable knowledge of a variety of topics, it makes you feel more valuable...and more capable! This will definitely keep more pep in your step, and add to your layers of self esteem.


With how busy our lives are it can be challenging to find time to go above and beyond in the interest of self TLC. If you can make the effor to prioritize these 8 simple practices you will be on track to living a long and vibrant life. Just do it!



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