Why You Need a Personal Sacred Space

February 25, 2016



The first thing I hear from new students and clients upon entering the yoga studio is “Wow, what a lovely space!”. Returning clients comment on how relaxed they feel every time they walk in the door.  


There is a special type of mojo that yoga studios, ashrams, churches, mosques, and even one’s home can have when the space is filled with positive intentions.



What do all of these spaces have in common? The way that our behavior changes while we're inside of them. 


The real magic in keeping a sacred space is that when you are in it, you are more mindful and intentional with your actions, words, and thoughts.


A space becomes uplifted and sacred if you believe it to be so.


When a person enters our yoga studio, they remove their shoes. They speak kindness to one another. They set an intention to grow and to learn. When you are mindful and intentional about how you use an area, it can become a useful tool for growth.




Here are some potentially life changing benefits of having your very own sacred space:


It is instantly grounding - This space should reflect your most authentic self. Every object, color, scent, and sound is selected based on what you love! The unique flavor of your sacred space should remind you of your own beliefs, values, and preferences every time  you enter.


It recharges you - Because you’ve given so much thought and good intention to your space, it returns the favor! Think of your space as a storehouse of good vibes. The more you put into it, the more you’ll get out of it. Every time you enter you will feel refreshed and renewed.


It sparks creativity - Since this space is sacred, all static stays out. With the calm provided by your special spot, you can more easily tap into your creative side. The part of you that spends so much time on defense can take a chill pill, letting your more relaxed and open self emerge.


It keeps bad energy away from you - Because this space is soaked in your own beliefs, values, and preferences, those who are too far off of your calibration will not feel at home there. This is a good thing! You don’t want anyone coming into your space and funking it up. Also, the more time you spend in your sacred space, the more firmly you’ll stand on your own principles. This carries that protective quality out into the world.



Your sacred space doesn't have to be big. It can be just big enough for a yoga mat, or an altar, or even just a comfy chair. Ideally, your entire living space and workspace feels like sacred space. If you can’t pull that off right away, just keep the desire within you and see what changes start to unfold. 


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