What is Flow, and How do you Go With It?

March 8, 2016

Sometimes life can feel very strenuous. Mornings of having to tear yourself out of bed. The feeling of utter exhaustion to complete daily tasks.


At other times life seems so delightfully smooth! You wake with ease, full of smiles and gratitude. During these better days, it seems like all is going in your favor.


Because we're human and our circumstances are ever changing, some days are truly just easier than others. But if you desire to spend more of your time going with the flow, then you must recognize that what makes any day flow better comes from within you.


The grace with which you live your life is a choice!


If you wake up in a funky mood, or with low energy, or in poor health, things won’t feel quite as downstream. Your attention will turn towards the things around you that are undesirable. When you focus on everything that’s going wrong, it will soon feel as if the world is out to get you.


When you’re in good spirits, you won’t get caught up in the less desireable details of your day. Instead all of your consciousness is turning towards what is going right. At the end of the day, you are filled with a sense of gratitude and happiness because that is what you’ve allowed to come into your experiences of the day.


Here’s 4 steps you can take to spend more of your time in flow:


Meditate: This practice helps you stay present in any given moment. When you completely lend your senses to the moment, you can more easily navigate your way through each situation. This gives you the best chance at achieving your desired result.


Do it right the first time: Nothing feels more upstream than having to redo something you already checked off of your list. Be thorough and complete with all tasks. You’ll thank yourself in the long run!


Anticipate what comes next: Of course, we can’t completely control the future. (Plus, what’s the fun in that!) What you can do is take an honest look at where you are, what you’re working with, and address any foreseeable obstacles.


Practice gratitude: Don’t be a scrooge! Count your blessings morning, noon, and night. Fix your attention on what is going right in your life. Take it even further by being grateful for the amazing things coming to you in the near future. Say thanks...always!

These practices lead to less worry, less stress, better communication with your intuition, and the experience of more joy in life! There’s also the added benefit of being a more pleasant person to be around. Going with the flow is less about letting go of control, and more about being aware of each moment as it unfolds. If you can train yourself to expect great things out of life, then great things are exactly what start flowing to you.



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