When Life Gets Heavy, Try These Things.

April 23, 2016


We’ve all taken our fair share of lumps in life. There are a variety of ways in which things can go other than how you've planned.


Sometimes, it is even your own poor decisions that can land you in a world of hurt.


But don’t fret! When things get sticky, this is often just the beginning of something even better coming into your life.


As is true of many situations in life, how you view things and how gracefully you behave in spite of overwhelm, fear, and sadness, can go a long way in making things turn out better than okay.



Try these things to make the most out of tough times:


Keep it Simple. When you’re feeling overwhelmed, even the basics of daily life can seem exhausting. Don’t add more to your plate than you can handle. Just focus on doing what is necessary and doing it well. The satisfaction had by checking even the smallest things off of your list, is precious when times are tough. Pro tip: meditation is the MOST helpful tool in allowing any of us to focus on what is essential.


Nourish or Over-Nourish Your Body. Low energy, mood swings, and physical pain or all very real implications of stress. Luckily these are things than can be helped greatly by your food choices. Stress can also cause us to under or overeat, making our food choices that much more important. Choose healthy nutrient dense food during times of stress. Give your body the best chance at feeling good.


Be Active. Happy brain chemicals are a very real perk to be had from exercise. Plus, movement can keep bad memories and emotions from being locked in your tissues. Keep your mojo flowing and don’t let any negativity get stuck in your body. Open up, get your heart pumping and, at all costs, avoid laying around feeling sorry for yourself!


Don’t Believe Everything you Think. Nothing gets negative thoughts swirling in your head quite like when things don’t go as planned. Pay attention to the stories that are playing in your head and make a conscious effort to turn them around. Allow yourself to be present, grateful, and content with doing what’s right in front of you. Soon the story in your head will be one of excitement for opportunities to come.


Talk it Out/Ask for Help. It can do a world of good to get your feelings out. Be it with a friend or a trained professional, getting your thoughts out can give you a better picture of where you’re at, how you got there, and where you’re going. Bonus points on this one if you can be around someone who makes you laugh. :-)



Life is full of ups and downs and no one escapes them. Dealing with both the highs and lows of life in a graceful manner is an important marker for growth. Learning to see that amazing things lie at the other end of a rough patch, is something that takes practice. But it’s worth it! The rewards for being strong and graceful after you’ve taken a hit, are priceless. Get back up, shake it off, and say “What’s next!”.


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