How To Move Forward When You Feel Stuck

May 7, 2016


Have you ever felt at times like no matter how clear your intentions are to do better, you just keep doing and getting more of the same ol’ stuff?


Well, I have! It can be hard to find the right path forward and to keep down it no matter the resistance you feel around your actions. This slow, sluggish, and sad feeling when you’re trying to move forward is natural, and often times, means you’re on the right track.


How do you get around it? You don’t.


The whole reason yoga, meditation, and wellness studios still exist in our modern culture, is to provide you with the tools needed to move forward. To endure and break through your old patterns, you must learn specific skills to recognize them and to cope with the turbulence of your own emotions.



Here are a few tools to get you moving forward and keep you on the right track:


Acknowledge that you’re stuck. If you’ve wanted something for a while and it hasn’t shown up yet, then you have to admit that you’re stuck. In doing this, you open yourself up to outside help. Whether in the form of a book, a class, a workshop, or a coach, you likely need a new perspective and some guidance in getting you where you want to be. It’s up to you to seek the help needed to push you forward.


Notice your daily habits. It is in the hours and minutes of our days that we make a lifestyle for ourselves. If you’ve been doing the same things without getting new results, then it’s time to change it up. This is the hardest but most crucial aspect in creating some serious change in life. Diet gives us a clear look at this ideal. If you eat awful food, you feel awful. Simple. This can be used to address all areas of life. If you want to upgrade your lifestyle, you must upgrade your habits.


Don’t take no for an answer. Most times, it's your own brain that is telling you that you can’t. It can often take some time to confirm that you’re on the right track. Similarly, it takes time to get into the flow of your new habits. If you try and fail on day one, or even week one, shake it off! Just as it took time to get you into the situation you are now, it takes some time to get out of it. Karma in yoga is the law that shows us how our actions have real life implications, both good and bad. It can take some time for the good Karma of your new habits to catch up with you.


Have a clear picture of where you’re going. This is SO important!..and one reason that yours truly uses a coach herself. With the complexity of life, and all of the emotion that accompanies the desire to strive for more in life, the need to slow down and take true aim at what you want can’t be understated. If you don’t know where you’re going then you’ll end up in a place that may not be in line with what you really want.


Wanting to achieve specific things in life takes effort and deliberation. Not to mention the work needed to change your habits and turn yourself around towards a new path. Be calm and confident that you can do what it takes to live you life in a way that brings you joy and satisfaction. You can do it!

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