5 Tips to a Fulfilling Home Yoga Practice

June 3, 2016



It is the goal of nearly everyone who takes yoga classes to bring what they’ve learned into their home in the form a lifelong practice.


The simple and practical nature of yoga postures makes them a convenient option for a movement practice that can be done at home. It doesn’t take much space. It can be done indoors. And, to top it off, the effects of a consistent practice are profound.


Though it seems pretty easy to just roll out a mat and get started, having a daily home practice takes a bit of planning, lots of commitment, and tricks to get you over some foreseeable humps.



Here are 5 tips fitting yoga into your home life on a daily basis.



Start Small. Though the average yoga class is 75 minutes, you don’t need to dedicate all that time to your home practice. 20 to 30 minutes is still a solid practice. Start with a few poses. Heck, if you’re reluctant to roll out your mat at all, just start with one pose that you know will feel good at the moment. As you begin to feel more comfortable with the practice, it will grow with you.


Be Familiar with the Poses. This is where seeing a teacher is important. Some yoga poses feel straight up funky when you’re trying them for the first time. With the guidance of a good teacher, you will begin to feel the poses take on a life of their own inside you. You’ll begin to own it! When it comes to a home practice, confidence is key.


Set Aside Time for Practice. Again, it doesn’t have to be a whole hour. Pick a time where you know you’ll have at least 30 minutes. Start with 1 or 2 poses. I promise, once you start scratching that itch, you won’t be able to stop! Just make sure you won’t be interrupted right when you’re starting to settle into your practice.


Have a Designated Practice Space. This spot doesn’t have to be big. If you find you need yoga props (which most people truly do) then you’ll need a bit of space for that too. If at all possible, include in your space some things you like. Make it inviting. You want it to call to you at the times when you least want to practice.


Set A Goal. Though competition is not at all a part of yoga, you need to have clear challenges that you’d like to overcome. It could simply be feeling more confident. It could be building strength in a certain set of poses. Spreading your toes wider. Having sharper focus. The possibilities are endless. Whatever it is, take that intention with you when you practice. Commit to it and watch your home practice blossom.



Connecting with your body on a daily basis is a big and important part of wellness. Yoga is a great way to maintain and deepen that connection. These steps are a clear, simple, and incredibly effective way to make sure you keep that connection in your life. Try it and see for yourself!


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