Musings on Meditation

June 9, 2016


People often ask me "What do you get out of meditation?". My answer is usually something pretty simple. A sense of grounding. Relaxation. Gratitude. Peace and calm. All of these are lovely and, in themselves, worth setting aside the time to sit.

But the truth is much more profound than that. The truth is that I feel God. I feel source energy swirling around inside me. I feel connected to life in all forms. It's something that needs to be felt to be believed....which is a reason it can be hard for some to believe in God/Source/Spirit. They haven't felt it for themselves.

Once you get a taste of what creates, it stays with you. You'll want to stay hooked up to it. You'll crave the connection... just as I do. It's simply the best that is.


When you get the chance to align with the stuff that makes things happen, it becomes easier to understand yourself. You connect to divine wisdom and understanding. If you want to know yourself better, meditation is the best way to get there. 



With all of the techniques and tips available to you to find stillness, the purest way to do this is to just sit. Shen Life does an amazing job of describing the process of being with yourself.


Try it. Watch what comes and goes. Watch what feelings move within you, and allow yourself to be with them. This is how to know yourself, to know the world around you, and, should you be open to it, to know God. 


Happy Sitting!


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