The One Thing Healthy People Do That Others Don't

June 15, 2016


Life is full of constant change and new phases. Childhood, puberty, a period of social education and schooling, career training, marriage, parenthood, and on.


Throughout these stages, our attention can be pulled in many different directions. Our priorities are always adjusting to suit our goals.


Most will agree, as you spend more time focused on the myriad of priorities that allow you to succeed in these stages of life, wellness gets put on the back burner. Health and happiness only seem to get your attention when you’re unwell or unhappy. This is the cycle in which many people find themselves.


The one thing that healthy people do on an ongoing basis that others don’t, is prioritize health!


Pretty straight-forward, right? But what does this look like?


Focus on health and well-being exists at all times and in all relationships. When you prioritize health, you’ll see the people around you and the way you spend your time adjust to suit a healthy lifestyle. You’ll become more discerning of who you spend your time with. You’ll seek places, people, and jobs that support your lifestyle (even by simply giving you more time to care for yourself).



There is a stigma surrounding the idea of being health focused, and it allows so many to excuse themselves from prioritizing health. The idea that a person needs to be rigid, or even militant regarding health and wellness, is untrue. The term “health nut” is an example of how being health focused has commonly been viewed in society - nutty, crazy, and irritating.


If we continue to scoff at healthy lifestyle habits, then we’re collaborating in an enduring decline of wellness as a culture.



Common fallacies we collectively support are:


-There isn’t enough time in the day.

-Life is not fun without junk food.

-There are many more important things than tending to my well-being.

-I’m too out of shape, fat, old, stiff, etc.


These are excuses! But, we nod in agreement with each other and continue putting our health and happiness to the side.

Let’s not be so casual about this idea. With preventable diseases being the top killers in our country, we can’t afford it!  If we can be honest with each other and hold to the truth, that we are each responsible for the bodies we have, we can encourage and inspire those around us to prioritize health. We owe it to ourselves and to each other.



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