How to Feel Good More of the Time

January 27, 2016


If you’ve dabbled at all in the world of self-help, the phrase “Happiness is a Choice”  has certainly popped up a time or two. Sounds pretty simple! But, when you’re in a rut it can be hard to buy into. Here’s why you should.


Owning this choice allows you to be the master of your life instead of the victim.


Nothing takes your power away faster than giving another person or circumstance responsibility over your happiness. There are a few things you can do to keep yourself feeling great as much as possible.


  • Take Responsibility for Your Own Mess.  Make yourself responsible for both your successes and failures. When you’re having a win, celebrate! I like to have a personal dance party in lieu of a pat on the back. When things are a bit rough, let the setbacks inform the way you do things in the future. Slipping into victim mode is like digging a hole for yourself. Avoid at all costs!


  • Be Around People Who Light You Up.  Life is too short to hang around those who make you feel awkward or uncomfortable. I’ll admit, I have it pretty good since my clients are absolute gems of the human species and these are who I’m with a lot of the day. If you work with toxic people, focus on feeling grounded and confident. This helps to see the best in them which manifests into more positive interactions.


  • Check Things off of Your To-Do List.  Having a list of things undone can be hard on your self-esteem. Start with a small task and work your way up to the bigger one’s. This is a great way to build some serious momentum in life. Hey….don’t forget to do a jig when you’ve accomplished something!


  • Take Care of Your Body.  You live in your body 100% of the time. The more time your body exists in a state of health, the better you feel….period. Sleep, movement, clean food, and proper hydration are all vital to the state of your body. Do not underestimate this step! Keep your body in good repair and you WILL feel good more of the time. (Do not fall into victim mode on this one. Own up to it, and move forward!)

If you make it a priority to feel great in life, then you’ll find a way to make it happen. You’ll probably even find proof of how your life is already awesome. If you set your attention on all of the joy in life, then whatever’s got you down will start to fade into the background.

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