Here are a few of many testimonials to working with Angela and being a part of the community at The Yoga & Massage Center of Ridgecrest...

Joe Kurley  (read full testimonial here)

"The changes in my lifestyle that Angela worked with me to correct have made me a healthier person both physically and mentally. I owe her a great expression of gratitude. I will be 70 this year, however, I now feel my metaphorical age to be 50.


"Thank you Angela! I truly believe I am still around today because of your instruction and encouragement."


Trish Stratton

I've know Angela for many years however in June of this year Made a massage appointment which led to the "Wellness Coaching".  All of this has made a difference in my life; how I view my life and situations in my life.  I know I've just brushed the tip of my iceberg but with these tools I feel I'm able to do so with better emotional health and confidence. Tons of gold stars are "proofed" over Angela like a snow glob of confetti!


Kim Johns

"I want to thank Angela for her help this summer with the wellness coaching.  Not only did she help me reach my #1 summer fitness goal (thru hike in the Sierra Mountains), but she also helped me strive for health and wellness through meditation, detox, massage, and yoga.  I'm better prepared to manage stress with her introduction to meditation.  Her world class massages helped reduce stress, pain and muscle tension during my training.  


"The coaching she provided about gentle and safe detox helped identify areas of improvement and sensitivities for cleaner nutrition.  I'm on a good path for continued strength, awareness and harmony in mind and body based on her instructions for home yoga practice combined with your studio classes.  Well being is not just about living a long life.  It's about feeling great for every beautiful day.  


"Angela, my body and my mind thank you."


Jill Hatch

When I started the program, I was new to the practice of yoga and mindfulness.  With Angela’s guidance, I was able to make changes to my lifestyle/routine and felt empowered to put my health as a priority with a focus on being present and in-tune with my mind and body!  My body says "Thank You" for the amazing massage time!


Lifestyle changes that I've incorporated (and stuck with) since completion of your Wellness program include becoming more physically active than I have been in many years, as well as taking a Paleo(ish) approach in my diet.  These two combined changes have produced profound changes in my fibromyalgia symptoms - I haven't had a incapacitating flair in the last year!


Angela, Thank you for your healing gift!  Your friendship is a true blessing to my life!

Thank you for guiding me on my Wellness Journey!

Joy Moore

"I've wanted to do yoga for many years but was afraid of being judged. Angela has created a very unique space where everyone is welcome and there is NO judgement. I learned a lot and vastly improved my flexibility, relieved my back pain, and improved my overall health. I crave daily Yoga.


"If I lived in Ridgecrest I would be here every single day, it is such a life changer, and Angela is a true spiritual and physical guide. The massage is also incredible - pain relief without painful deep tissue."


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