The Living Well Program

A Complete & Holistic Path to Wellness

From Angela Rowe:


Hey there,


Have you ever wondered why some people make lasting beneficial changes in their health and wellness, yet others don’t?


After years of watching the trends, the reasons are clear. Successful individuals take a comprehensive approach; they apply everything possible that will help them reach their goals of whole health & well being.


Even my experience confirms this. When I was 20 battling with bouts of depression, anxiety, and recurring health issues my “cure” involved taking a holistic approach. Not only did I recover from various health issues, my experience was so impactful that I decided to make it my life’s path.


Another reason individuals, including myself, have been successful in achieving their health and wellness goals is that they make it part of their daily routine and lifestyle. Success, in any endeavor, requires consistent action. Feeling great and being healthy is the same.

I am committed to helping my clients achieve this high quality of life and success.



Introducing the Living Well Program

This program teaches the basics of living well, which includes meditation, bodywork, breath work, yoga asana (poses), and more. Members of this program will start to see and feel REAL change in their bodies and in their lives!


If you're looking to feel happier, healthier, more energetic, more creative, and mentally sharp...

 Now's your chance to jump into the Living Well Program! 


(By the way, this is the primary mission and direction for The Yoga & Massage Center of Ridgecrest.)



Think of this program as mastering the essential basics of healthy living. I believe mastering these basics creates a solid foundation of health. Those who participate in the program will find they are more committed to feeling great and enjoying life. They value the youthful, vital glow that comes from a better quality of life; the creative power and productivity from a clear, acute mind; and the confidence that is inherent from feeling and looking great.



Included in the Program are:


  •  10 - Private Coaching Sessions - Topics include:

    • Advanced Yoga Instruction

    • Meditation

    • Breathing Techniques for Weight Loss, Metabolism Boost, Appetite Control, Detoxing and Mental Clarity

    • Nutritional & Wellness Coaching

    • Detoxing Tips

    • Self Massage & Vitality Exercises

    • Tips To Retain Youthful appearance

  •   3 Months of Unlimited Group Yoga Classes


  •  6 - 1.25 Hour Massages




After an initial consultation, YOUR plan for Living Well will be outlined. To implement it, the private Coaching & Bodywork Sessions will be scheduled over the 3-month period to help build the habit of health and wellness. Consistency is key to success.









The Difference


What makes this program unique is the variety of topics and personal support. Many teachers focus on one or two of these components. We can create even better results by taking a holistic approach.


Having personally used a coach for years to assist me towards my goals, I know and appreciate the tremendous support, guidance, and accountability that comes from coaching. Having someone keep you accountable and motivated to make healthy changes and strive to be your best is priceless. In The Living Well Program, I will be that support for you!


Over the last 10 years of offering integrative bodywork, I’ve noticed the clients that got the best, fastest results were ones whom did everything! They remained receptive regardless of the suggestion and tested the information for themselves. They were committed to reduce their stress burden and the harmful effects of stress, because they wanted to feel great! And, they were going to achieve this higher quality of life regardless of what anyone said or did to the contrary!


In the program, we address these core areas of lifestyle:

  • Mindfulness

  • Exercise/movement

  • Bodywork/postural improvements

  • Eating well

  • Detox and cleansing suggestions

  • Rest/recovery

  • Happiness/attitude


When these lifestyle components are practiced by reducing stress, a sense of balance or homeostasis begins to occur, which leads to optimal function on all levels. Instead of devoting time and energy to one or two of these components (which I find is common), it’s my belief that all of these pieces combined create a more powerful experience of health. This program is designed with simplicity in mind, so the information can be empowering and not overwhelming.


Note that this program is not for everyone, including:

  • Individuals who have it all figured out already

  • Someone who would rather learn on their own

  • Persons not ready to make any changes

  • Someone not motivated to improve their health

  • Persons that don’t believe they have stress in their lives


The Living Well Program is  for you if:

  • You value the benefits of feeling and looking your best

  • You want to learn more about the basics of healthy living

  • You want and/or need to reduce the daily stress burden carried

  • You know your lifestyle needs improvement

  • You are ready to lower stress in your life and want to take action

  • You has dabbled here and there, but need more formal instruction to get great results

  • You believe that having someone assist you toward your health goals is worth it

  • You want to take more responsibility for your health by being proactive

  • You feel ready to make incremental changes that will lead to living a happier, healthier life…no matter what


To determine if the Living Well Program is a good fit for you (or someone you know), let’s set up an initial consultation to start the conversation and see how well I am able to help you meet your goals. The button below will take you to my schedule of private appointments where you can set up a time for us to chat.








Let’s work together towards the best you, yet!


Your coach…every step of the way,


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