Group Classes

We have classes for beginners, experienced yogis, people with injuries, and those who just want to relax!


Although group classes are taught so that anyone can join, you'll get the most benefit by choosing a class that fits your skill level and interest. If you're new to yoga and aren't sure which class will suit your needs, come to one of our Beginners Workshops and we can assess which class will be the best fit for you.

Private Lessons


Private lessons are a good option for you if you are struggling with an injury, new to yoga and want 1-on-1 attention, or just like a session tailored to your specific needs.


These sessions are just for you! Your instructor will design your lesson based on your skill level and limitations.





If you're looking to deepen your yoga practice a workshop is the way to go. Workshops generally focus on a common group of poses, an area of the body, or a philisophical concept that will be woven in throughout the practice.


Workshops can take between 3 and 9 hours and may be spread out over 2 or 3 days. The longer workshops are generally those taught by guest teachers.

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